PFS this Friday: “Tide of Twilight”

This Friday at October Country, Eric will be running “Tide of Twilight” which is a Tier 1-5 scenario. There will be a 2nd GM ready to run a 2nd table if needed, so there is lots of room for players. Remember to sign up on Warhorn if you plan on attending!

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Pathfinder card game tonight!

It’s been months, I know… As I’ve been getting more into board and card games and drifting away from role-playing games, the blog has gone all quiet-like as a result. My plan is to expand this to include news and events relating to tabletop gaming in general in New Paltz and the surrounding area, so if you have something you’d like to see or contribute, let me know! If this works, and people find it helpful, and I am able to keep up with it, I may migrate it over to another domain with a less Pathfinder-y name, but for now, this is our home.

Enough yappin’ – we’ve got gaming tonight!!

Join us tonight at October Country in New Paltz for The Lone Shark, the second scenario from Adventure Deck 1 of the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t played before, as we are still just on the first adventure deck. You will need a PACG Class Deck however, and I believe that October Country may still have some in stock. We won’t see this charming fellow yet (he’s from Adventure Deck 2) but there are likely to be many of his kin!

Remember to sign up on Warhorn here. The game starts at 7 PM!

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One more for June 6th!

Just a quick note that in addition to Shades of Ice part I, we will also have a table of #4-22 Glories of the Past I: Halls of Dwarven Lore, run by Rich:

The dwarven sky citadel of Janderhoff in eastern Varisia is one of the least visited settlements in the land, at least by non-dwarves. Nevertheless, the Pathfinder Society has been invited to assist in the excavation of a forgotten ruin within the large underground complex. What the fearless adventurers stand to find within could be the greatest discovery of the Age of Lost Omens, something sure to immortalize all involved in the pages of the Pathfinder Chronicles for ever more. But the ruins under Janderhoff aren’t the end of the Pathfinders’ journey; rather they illuminate a treacherous path ahead, from the familiar land of Varisia into much more dangerous territory.

Hope to see some of you there!

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June PFS at October Country

This month, Eric will be running the first two parts of the Shades of Ice trilogy from Season 2 (our first Season 2 offerings at October Country). Both are low tier scenarios (levels 1-5).

On June 6th, it’s #2-15 – Shades of Ice I: Written in Blood

When the Decemvirate sends the PCs to the Viking city of Trollheim in the frigid northern Lands of the Linnorm Kings to deliver a package to an allied scholar there, the Pathfinders soon find themselves unwelcome visitors. Forced to navigate the rugged, isolated city and interact with the standoffish natives, can they deliver their cargo to its target, or will they find themselves exiled from the city… or worse?

And on June 20th, we have #2-17 – Shades of Ice II: Exiles of Winter

Following the trail of the insidious Shadow Lodge from Trollheim to the icebound city of Whitethrone in the witch-ruled nation of Irrisen, the PCs must locate the hidden lodge of their contact’s kidnapper. Can they get past the city’s defenses, infiltrate the Shadow Lodge headquarters and rescue the Pathfinder Society’s valuable ally, or will they—like so many before them—find their bones ground to make Baba Yaga’s bread?

As always, we start at 7 pm. We will keep an eye on sign-ups at Warhorn and add 2nd tables as necessary. See you there!

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May PFS at October Country

On Friday, May 2nd, Rich McKean will be running a Pathfinder module for PFS credit, Masks of the Living God. Here’s the scoop:

Razmir the Living God used his power to conquer an entire country; now he and his mask-wearing priests enforce peace and generosity—though some say their tools are intimidation and fear. His worshipers preach charity and self-worth, blaming rival faiths for crafting lies about the glories of the Living God. Now the cult has come to the city of Tamran, feeding the poor and promising happiness to those who serve Razmir. Yet ugly rumors persist of bribery, extortion, and strange disappearances associated with the new temple. Are these stories just gossip and lies spread by rival faiths? Or is the church of the Living God more than it seems?

Masks of the Living God is a adventure for 2nd-4th level characters. This city-based adventure involves infiltrating a fortified temple and exposing the evil deeds of its cultists. This adventure is set in the wooded land of Nirmathas.

Then, on May 16th, it’s back to Osirion with #5-16: Destiny of the Sands – Part 3: Sanctum of the Sages (levels 3-7):

Uncovering the secrets of a Jeweled Sage reveals that the others are in grave danger, and the PCs set off after notorious jewel thieves before the criminals can disappear with another priceless treasure. When the trail leads to the sages’ hidden sanctum deep within the Pillars of the Sun, the Pathfinders must draw upon both their own resourcefulness and the ancient historians’ power if they are to preserve a millennia-old organization and Osirion’s past.


“Sanctum of the Sages” is the final scenario in the three-part Destiny of the Sands campaign arc. It follows Pathfinder Society Scenario #5–12: Destiny of the Sands—Part 1: “A Bitter Bargain” and Pathfinder Society Scenario #5–15: Destiny of the Sands—Part 2: “Race to Seeker’s Folly.” All three chapters are intended to be played in order. Content in “Sanctum of the Sages” also contributes directly to the ongoing storyline of the Osirion faction.

Join us at 7 pm for either of these events! If you’re planning on coming, please sign up on Warhorn. See you in May!

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