Taxfest Boon!

PZO9208-TaxesIn case you didn’t see it, there’s a time-limited boon up on the Pathfinder Society (official) Blog coinciding with the recent U.S. tax season. It revolves around the Abadar-inspired festival called Taxfest. And it’s a good boon too – after participating in a Taxfest feast, your character gains the effects of a particular spell. So, for example, 1st level characters would get the benefit of a bless spell for 1 minute. There’s also the option to forgo some of your gp for the scenario to (i.e., 10% less gold to make it last 10 minutes). Higher level characters get the benefits of higher level spells.

Here’s the catch: You need to print out the boon and have it assigned to a character (which involves finding a GM to sign off on it) by May 5th, 2013. Once it’s assigned, however, you can use it at any time – in other words, the deadline is for getting it approved and assigned, not for getting into a game where your character can use the boon.

Here’s the blog post which includes a link to the boon.

For those of use who can’t get to conventions much – where most extra boons seem to get handed out – this is a rare and useful boon, so grab it before time is up!

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